Diva really is my name:

My parents were entertainers, my mother an opera singer and father, Freddie Montell, a professional-entertainer. Through their mutual passion for music that they helped create a record label known as “DIVA”, and subsequently my name came to be… I was born with music in my soul.

Having sung many Italian American Organizations throughout my career I was truly honored to accept the Leonardo da Vinci Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performing Arts 2011 presented by Order Sons of Italy in America.

My Studies were in Opera/Vocal Performance at DePaul University School of Music & The American Conservatory of Music

A Truly Gifted Voice and Person”

”I try to see as many of Diva’s performances as I can for I am not bored to hear her sing. Diva Montell has one of the truly great voices in the United States. She wants to belong to everyone, but her home is here in the Chicago area. She has been standing in the entertainment shadows for a while, but now she steps forward into the light to sing for you Opera and the “classical” songs that are your favorites. Diva sings with a voice that commands presence and attention by all who hear her. She sings with power, yet redeeming grace, she sings with a tremendous range, yet she can sing the most delicate of songs like an angel from heaven. She will be remembered as one of the truly great voices of our time. You can listen to her on YouTube, but come and see her in a live performance. You will never be disappointed and you will forever be changed by her magnificent voice and personality.
— Concert Venue - 5 Star Verified review
Diva Montell is great!”

”Diva Montell, a Chicagoland classical singer, has a beautiful, outstanding voice. Her performance was one of the best I’ve ever heard.
— Concert Venue - 5 Star Verified review

Band Projects: 

I work with many of Chicago’s great musicians forming trio shows with a classical-jazz twist or other suitably-sized ensembles depending on the needs of the event, all in addition to my solo schedule. I have been involved in many projects including the Classic Rock bands: Hair of the Dog, MOJO and Beauty & The Beat. I've also worked extensively with the Dance/Disco-oriented band: Sweet Potato Rhythm. My most recent group endeavor is with an original-music band called Diva’s Crossing.

With Chicago Entertainer, Tony Ocean   

With Chicago Entertainer, Tony Ocean